Ultimate Inspector/Playground for GTK
· ☕ 2 min read
Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to read/inspect some value that GTK Inspector does not show or modify something in your running app e.g. replace a widget with another one? Well! I have just the trick for you (if your app is written in an interpreted language that is). The Trick The trick is to start/run the app in a background thread of the interpreter while the main thread is showing a prompt for you to type and run more code in.

Rename/Move Multiple Files Using Bash
· ☕ 7 min read
Following is an explained step by step process to rename multiple files (mostly) any way you want using bash with examples Note: Anything after a hash/pound symbol (#) in a line in the examples is a comment and can be ignored without any effect on the process. It is there just to explain things. Why not use Graphical tools for this? Graphical tools are great. Use them if they do what you want.

Make Your Terminal Colorful, Exciting and Fun
· ☕ 5 min read
In this tutorial, we will learn how to colorize Linux Terminal in order to make it exciting and fun. In addition, we will also set-up command auto-suggestion, command completion, syntax-highlighting, and other useful stuff. Although this tutorial is primarily for Linux users, users of Termux, Windows Subsystem for Linux, Cygwin, MacOS, or other Unix-like Operating Systems can also follow this guide but some steps may be a little different for those users.

Git simplified | A Git tutorial for beginners
· ☕ 7 min read
What is Git? Git is a version control system. It means it can save multiple versions of files in a project. The project is simply just a folder to be used with git. That folder can contain anything e.g. source code of a program, images, Photoshop project file, videos, etc. It is a program that saves everything locally on your computer i.e. it works offline What is a Git Repository? A folder whose files and sub-folders are being saved/managed by Git is called a git repository or a git repo.

Best/Useful Android Apps
· ☕ 6 min read
Eyecon Features Identify who is calling you even if you don’t have their number saved. Sometimes, it can even show their picture. Sometimes, it can detect if the caller is a spammer. It can also show quotes from different famous people after every call. Download/Install: Play Store Equilizer FX Features 5-band Equalizer Bass Boost Volume Enhance Virtualization Balance Left and Right Channels A lot of Preset Profiles A lot of Apps directly supported Apply Effects Globally (even to some apps that normally don’t support equalizers) Download/Install: Play Store KDE Connect Features Works on Android, Windows, and Linux devices